Meeting Place
Wednesday Morning 7am (apart from the last Wednesday of the month which is an evening meeting. Please contact club for those details as the venue changes for that meeting) 

355 Main Street
Club Mail PO Box 1361,
Bairnsdale, 3875

President: Jenny Robertson
Phone: 0427 577 516

Secretary: Robyn Counihan
Phone: 0402058567

Public Relations: Carl John F. Fechner
Phone: 0409587733

Rotary Howitt Park Market
Market Manager: Hayley Hardy
Phone: 0432 602 007
Please leave a message and allow 24 hours to reply

President Elect & Club Service: Dick Hughes
Treasurer & Registration: Sue Griffiths

Community Service: Liz Magnuson

International: Sandie Alexander

Sergeant at Arms: Bernie Farquhar

Foundation: Geoff Carpenter
Youth & Vocational Service: Leah Reinhardt

Family & Social: Clare Marriot-Smith

Market Managers: Julie Small & Sally Kelly

Bulletin: Sue Chapman
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